How to Completely Uninstall QuickBooks ?

In this post, we’ll discuss “How to Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks for Windows?” There are lots of possibilities where QuickBooks should be reinstall quickbooks on new computer.


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Possibilities to uninstall & reinstall QuickBooks desktop


1. QuickBooks is not responding to your computer or laptop

2. QuickBooks freezing or crashing

3. Third-party applications damaged QuickBooks installation in your personal computer

4. your pc hard disk breaks down and replaced with a brand new one


Things to do before uninstalling QuickBooks for Windows


Backup your QuickBooks Data – We recommend you to make a backup for your company file(s) before uninstalling QuickBooks somewhere internally or externally(USB drive or Online) because if there would be any fall back in between the process at least your data file will likely to be secured.


To produce a relative back up for your data file

1. Open QuickBooks

2. Go to File > Back Up Company > Create Local Backup

3. Select Online Backup or Local Backup according to your decision

4. Click Next

5. Then follow on-screen instructions


Handy with your License and Product Number – before going ahead and uninstall & reinstall QuickBooks ready together with your license or product number because in the process when it comes to reinstallation of QuickBooks desktop it will probably ask you to answer for them.


If you’re able to open up QuickBooks click on F2 or Ctrl+1 keys through the keyboard and also the product information will pop out on your desktop screen and write down your license and product number. No need to worry we have explained the reinstallation process, you can check in case you’re unable to find this information.


Quick Update: If you want our experts to uninstall & reinstall the QuickBooks desktop for you. You can call us


Simple steps to Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks For Windows


Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop Windows 10 or 8


1. Press Windows+R keys together and a Run command

2. appwiz.CPL that is the type and then click OK

3. Under Programs and Features select QuickBooks and then click Uninstall


Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks For Windows


4. Click Yes, If prompts you

5. Click Next and select Remove


Reinstall QuickBooks on a new computer


6. Click Next and then Remove

7. It might take some time to QuickBooks that is uninstalled from the computer

8. Click Finish, after the installation wizard successfully uninstalled QuickBooks


Windows 7


1. Click on the Start icon

2. Click Control Panel

3. Now select Programs > Programs and Features

4. Under Programs and Features select QuickBooks and click Uninstall

5. Click Yes, If prompts you

6. Click Next and choose Remove

7. Click Next and remove then

8. It may take some time to uninstall QuickBooks from your computer

9. Click Finish, Once the installation wizard successfully uninstalled QuickBooks


Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop


Into your computer CD drive and follow the installation process if you purchased QuickBooks CD find and plug it.


Lost your QuickBooks CD? No Problem!! Click Here to download your QuickBooks installation setup.


If you purchased QuickBooks through the Intuit website login to your QuickBooks Account and download the installation setup.


When you download the setup, Run it. Along the way to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop you’ll be asked for your License and Product Number, there are these details on your CD box and in your online order email.


In the event, you don’t have a License and Product Number. Under this example, you will need to contact QuickBooks Support or Click Here to have them on the net.


Once install shield manager Wizard is installed click on Next

Then your wizard shall guide us to put in QuickBooks. So

1. Click Next

2. Accept the terms of the license agreements and click Next

3. Now next screen prompts you to type License Number and Product Number


Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks in Windows


4. Enter your License and Product Number and click Next

5. Now choose your Installation type, we suggest you opt for the recommended one

6. Click Next

7. Then click Install

8. Now QuickBooks starts installing on your computer or laptop

9. Once your QuickBooks desktop has successfully installed click on Open QuickBooks


It is possible to reinstall QuickBooks using the Clean Install tool too.


After following the above steps you can successfully uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks for windows but in case you’ve got into some trouble. Please consult with our QuickBooks experts.

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