Delete a Payment from a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

By | April 28, 2023

When necessary, incorrect payments that have been deposited into QuickBooks can be quickly erased. Payment receipts may not always be required because incorrect information is sometimes recorded on them. In QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online, you can delete payment from a deposit. If you want to delete a payment in QuickBooks Desktop, you need to select Record Deposit. You can select the Customers option while using QuickBooks Online to complete the task.

Visit our blog to learn more about how to use these options in QuickBooks to erase a payment from a deposit. For versions like QBO and QBDT, we will provide you with a step-by-step procedure for removing them. We will also go over some justifications for removing a deposit payment from the accounting program.

Why would you want to delete a payment to deposit from QuickBooks?

Even if QuickBooks categorizes and organizes the data, there are situations when a sales receipt is generated and, when checking it, you discover that the data is inaccurate. You must remove this payment from the deposit in QuickBooks for a variety of reasons, one of which is due to this. Let’s examine further factors:

  • The information in your records could be inconsistent.
  • You might not need to include a certain payment in the deposit any longer.
  • It’s possible that a deposit was recorded twice.

How can I delete deposit payments from QuickBooks?

In QB, it’s crucial to remove an inaccurate payment from a deposit without erasing any of your company’s data. The software’s chart of accounts can be used for this. Lists provide access to it. Utilizing the Record Deposits option is the alternative method. You can modify the payment that was deposited using this.

The instructions provided here will help you understand how to delete a payment from a deposit in QuickBooks.

Method 1: Using the Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts can be useful for several things. You can use it to remove a payment from QuickBooks. You must first visit the homepage of the QuickBooks software to use COA. then select Lists from the menu bar’s options. Click on the Chart of Accounts after choosing it. You must now double-click the account you need. Additionally, click the deposit button twice. Additionally, choose the deposit you want to remove and click “Edit.” Professionals using QuickBooks can remove payments from deposits in this manner.

  • Launch the “Homepage” of QuickBooks.
  • You can select “Lists” from the menu bar of this website. Please choose it.
  • It is necessary to choose “Chart of Accounts” from this menu.
  • Select the account you need by double-clicking.
  • To deposit, click “Deposit” twice.
  • Select the deposit you want to remove.
  • Pick “Edit” from the menu bar’s options.
  • Click “Delete Line” once.
  • Press “Delete Deposit” to clear the full deposit.
  • By doing this, QuickBooks will remove the payment from the deposit.

Method 2: Record-keeping deposits

A payment in QuickBooks can be quickly deleted using Record Deposits. You can access the homepage of the accounting program to discover this option. The next option is to record deposits. Wait for the Make Deposit page to load currently. Check to see if the deposit payment has opened. You must stop it from opening as soon as it does. Click Record Deposits once more, and then look for the deposit you want to erase. You can clear the money right away.

You can also learn how to do it in QuickBooks by following these instructions:

  • Visit the “Homepage” of the QuickBooks program.
  • Select the “Record Deposits” menu item.
  • The page for “Make Deposit” will open. Hold off for a while.
  • If “Payments to Deposit” appears, click “Cancel” to close it.
  • Select “Record Deposits” once more.
  • Find the deposit you want to delete, and then start looking for it.
  • The next step is to click on the payment once you have located it.
  • the “Edit” option.
  • Click “Delete Line” once.
  • To confirm the payment’s deletion, click one of the following buttons: “Ok” or “Yes.”
  • Select “Save and Close.”

QuickBooks will remove your selected deposit.

In QuickBooks Online, how do I delete payments from deposits?

Users have a simple way to remove payments from deposits in QBO. After the software has been launched, this option will be visible. Click on the Customers menu item. The next step is to tap on Customer. Once all payments have been presented, select the specific payment to be erased. then on the More tab. The direct delete option will be provided here. To complete the process, press Delete at the end.

These guidelines can also be used to learn how to erase payments from deposits in QuickBooks Online:

  • Open “QuickBooks Online” to get started.
  • Choose “Customers” right now.
  • The “customer” must be selected in Step 3.
  • Select the specific payment you want to delete after all the payments have been displayed.
  • “More” should be selected. The bottom of the “Payments” page will have this option.
  • Select “Delete” from the menu.
  • After then, the payment will be removed. You can repeat this process to remove additional similar payments from deposits.

In QuickBooks Desktop, how do I delete a payment from a deposit?

The Record Deposits option in QuickBooks Desktop is the most helpful for both adding and deleting payments. You can go to QBDT’s homepage. Then you can choose the option to record deposits. Then, click on Banking. Afterward, click Make Deposits. Hold off until the Payments to Deposit page appears. You must now select Cancel. Soon, you’ll be able to access the Delete Deposit option to fulfill your objectives.

You can remove a payment from a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop by following these steps:

  • Ensure that QuickBooks Desktop’s “Homepage” is open.
  • Go to “Record Deposits” by clicking.
  • In the third step, choose “Banking.”
  • The “Make Deposits” option should be selected by tapping.
  • Watch your screen until “Payments to Deposit” displays.
  • Click “Cancel” now.
  • When you identify the payment, you want to erase, press “Previous” to return to the transactions.
  • the “Edit” option.
  • Pick the deposit that you want to remove.
  • Select the “Delete Deposit” tab.


Without erasing the entire record, you can quickly remove a single payment from the deposits in your QuickBooks. This is what we demonstrated for you. We also discussed the necessity of erasing the payment in deposits in QuickBooks. Performing the methods won’t be challenging if you know how to delete payments for deposits in QuickBooks. Our solutions are simple to utilize, whether you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

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